What is the difference between the Red and Blue Anti Choking Trainers?

The Blue Trainer model is used to practice the Abdominal Thrust Maneuver (Heimlich) as recommended by the Heart Association protocols; the Red Trainer has an additional back slap Back Slap Pad for practicing back blows as recommended by Red Cross.

Are the Foam Plugs reusable?

Yes, they are reusable. If you lose them or need to replace them, they can be ordered separately.

Is there a kids version of the trainer?

Yes, the Yellow children’s trainer is now available. For more detailed information, go to www.actfastchildren.com.

How durable is the trainer?

The trainer is very durable, made of high quality neoprene (wet suit material), and should last many years with frequent use.

How should I clean this trainer?

Simply remove the PVC bladder and airway assembly, and hand-wash the neoprene vest using a mild detergent. Hang to air dry.

Does the trainer come with a warranty?

Yes, there is a 1 year warranty. If you have a problem, you may contact our warranty department at: warranty@old.actfastmed.com.

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If I’m having any difficulty using my trainer, who do I contact?

You may email our customer service department with any questions at: info@old.actfastmed.com.

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